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Top 11 English and Literature Homework Help Websites for Students (Free and Paid)

In today’s digital world, a plethora of online resources are readily accessible to aid students with their English homework. Whether it’s understanding intricate pieces of literature, improving grammar, or obtaining proofreading assistance, there are numerous websites offering extensive support. When managing English assignments, having a reliable source of information can make learning more enjoyable and less overwhelming. This article discusses a variety of websites—Chegg, SparkNotes, CliffsNotes, Bartleby, Grammarly, Jiskha Homework Help, Khan Academy, Scholastic, Purdue Online Writing Lab (OWL), and—that cater to diverse learning needs and aim to simplify English homework tasks.

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An Oasis of English Homework Help:

Chegg, an online platform known for its educational resources, thrives on providing comprehensive homework help across various subject areas, including English. This isn’t simply a place where you get spoon-fed; it’s a platform designed to help you decode the intricacies of English language and literature.

One of the most enticing features is its vast library of literature guides. Whether you are striving to disentangle the webbing plots of a Dickens novel or trying to understand the underpinning themes in a Langston Hughes poem, Chegg has you covered. The guides commence by uncovering the historical and cultural context of the work, segue into a detailed summary, and culminate in an in-depth analysis, leaving no stone unturned.

Then comes the grammar-building tools – an area overlooked by many but intrinsically tied to language fluency. Chegg offers a broad range of resources that take you beyond the realm of ‘subject-verb agreement’ and ‘correct pronoun usage.’ These tools aid in embellishing your prose and transforming it from pedestrian language into eloquent expression.

But sometimes, even these aids may not be enough. Your essay might require that final touch or an impartial audit to scrutinize overlooked typos and awkward wording. That’s when Chegg’s proofreading assistance leaps into action. An essay, term paper, or even a simple book report you draft can be proofread and reviewed with suggestions for improvement, giving it the final polish it needs.

If you’re still finding yourself caught in the labyrinth of confusing English homework, don’t fret. There is an impressive reservoir of expert tutors offering real-time help. Got a question at 3 a.m.? Post it and expect tutors from various global time zones to swoop in and provide clarity.

Chegg is not an English homework factory but a learning companion. It doesn’t merely offer assistance; it helps you grasp the language, understand it, and eventually master it. It’s an asset not just for English learners but for anyone eager to communicate effectively and elegantly. So, the next time the ticking clock and the daunting English assignment bring you down, remember that Chegg is only a few clicks away.

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SparkNotes: A Beacon of Academic Help

SparkNotes offers comprehensive guides to many notable literary works. The resource provides summaries of each chapter and character analyses that put complex literary personalities under a clear spotlight, their many dimensions revealed for easy understanding. It makes the mysterious layers inherent in famous works of literature accessible to everyone.

What’s more, SparkNotes doesn’t stop at novels. Their list of literature guides, tailored to help you decode texts to their fundamental emotions and themes, extends to cover poems, plays, and even films. In digestible bites, it breaks down the plot, context, and significance of various literary forms.

But books aren’t the only academic aid available on SparkNotes. The website also dives into other subjects, offering study guides in everything from biology to economics, history to computer science. Whether you’re preparing for a big test or just trying to stay ahead in class, these guides can be a huge help.

What earns SparkNotes its gold star, however, is its comprehension of nuances within literature. It lays out the use of different literary devices—foreshadowing, symbolism, metaphors and more—in simple, understandable language. This helps you not just imbibe the plot of a novel or theme of a poem but also appreciate the writer’s artistry of expression.

So next time you’re struggling with a challenging English homework assignment or preparing for a quiz, remember: SparkNotes is only a click away.

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CliffsNotes: A Lifesaver for Students

Ever feel swamped with an overwhelming amount of coursework or essay writing assignments? Struggling to understand the complex facets of English language and grammar? Turn to a resource that has been guiding students for decades: CliffsNotes.

Best known for its comprehensive literature guides, CliffsNotes can be a trustworthy companion during long nights of studying. It deciphers classic and contemporary literature, helping students understand complex themes, character analysis, or plot summary. Gone are the days when the metaphors in “To Kill a Mockingbird” or the symbolism in “1984” could baffle you.

However, don’t limit CliffsNotes to just your Literature class. This website serves not merely as a hero that swoops in with study guides when difficult literary texts strike. It also provides strategies for writing essays and papers across all subjects, bridging the gap between an overwhelming task and an outstanding grade.

Whether you’re deciphering the works of William Shakespeare or drafting a last-minute history research paper, the writing tools and comprehensive resources available on CliffsNotes could make the task markedly less intimidating. Guidance on thesis creation, essay structuring, and effective argumentation are just a few clicks away.

Additionally, keep your grammar in check with their English resources. CliffsNotes offers various grammar lessons and activities, ensuring your papers are error-free and articulate. From understanding sentence structures to learning the correct usage of adverbs, you can master the nuances of the English language.

So, bookmark CliffsNotes on your browser. Whether you’re an English language novice or an experienced literature enthusiast, this platform could be a valuable tool in your academic journey. The next time you’re stumped by a tricky assignment or a complex novel, remember, help is just a CliffsNote away.

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Unleash the Power of Bartleby for Your English Homework Assistance

Imagine a website that not only helps you understand your English homework but also helps you dive deeper into the world of English literature – Welcome to Bartleby! This website is a treasure trove for students, acting as your personal tutor, proofreader, and literature resource, all in one.

Bartleby’s standout feature is its wide-ranging online library, hosting a selection of free classic literature. You’ll find the compositions of Dickens, Austen, Poe, and other renowned authors at your fingertips. Just the tool for literature enthusiasts and students seeking insights into the classics! This access to great works can improve your comprehension skills, broaden your vocabulary, and foster a deeper appreciation of the literary arts.

Beyond its bountiful library, Bartleby is a unique English homework aid due to its dedicated Q&A feature. This hub is designed for students to pose any question related to their homework or general learning pursuits. From asking about particular phrases or plot points to seeking clarification on grammatical quandaries, Bartleby has you covered. You can ask, and the Bartleby community is there to answer, making it a dynamic knowledge-sharing platform.

The proofreading service Bartleby offers is like having a hawk-eyed English professor at your disposal, ready to help polish up your assignments. They meticulously scan your papers for mistakes, awkward sentences, and unclear ideas. With meticulous attention to detail, they can turn even the roughest drafts into well-structured, coherent compositions.

With these impressive offerings, Bartleby emerges as more than just a homework help website. It’s a comprehensive learning companion that supports a student’s academic growth and love for English literature.

A student sitting at a desk with a laptop, surrounded by books and papers, looking at the Bartleby website on their computer screen.


An Extra Pair of Eyes: Grammarly

Imagine having a personal assistant that watches over your every keystroke, carefully making sure you’re using the correct grammar and punctuation. That is exactly what Grammarly does. It’s not your traditional study help website where you would find articles, guides, or tutors. Instead, Grammarly is a software tool that you use while you’re doing your English homework.

As you sit at your computer, pondering over the correct use of “they’re”, “their”, or “there”, Grammarly sits right there with you. This handy tool analyzes what you’re typing in real time and suggests corrections when it spots errors. It’s not just about grammar though. It also rectifies punctuation mistakes, enhances your vocabulary, and even checks your text for potential plagiarism issues.

You can incorporate Grammarly into your workflow by adding it as an extension on your web browser, incorporating it in your word processor, or even installing it on your phone. This makes it easy to have an omnipresent grammar check, whether you’re writing an essay, crafting an email, or composing a social media post.

Keep in mind that while Grammarly is an incredibly useful tool, it shouldn’t be your only resource for English homework. It is an aid that can help students to edit and polish their work, but it’s also important to gain a solid understanding of English grammar rules and principles on your own. Utilize Grammarly as an extra pair of eyes to help you catch careless errors and refine your writing.

For those that struggle with English homework, Grammarly can be a game-changer. It takes some of the stress out of writing, allows you to improve your English skills progressively, and, most importantly, gives you the confidence to tackle any English homework assignment.

A laptop screen with the Grammarly website open on it, showing the interface with sample text being analyzed and corrected by the software.

Jiskha Homework Help

The Versatile Platform: Jiskha Homework Help

A school day ends, but the dilemma of homework commences; this is a scenario so familiar to students. English homework can sometimes feel like a herculean task, and in dire times like these, Jiskha Homework Help comes to the rescue.

Jiskha Homework Help is a dynamic website designed to assist students specifically with their English homework. One of its critical features is a vast realm of tutors and experts ready to dive in and help resolve individuals’ queries. These professionals, with their rich experience in the field, ensure that no question remains unanswered and no homework remains unfinished.

Unlike many other platforms, Jiskha Homework Help takes a holistic approach. It is not only a space where you get direct solutions but an avenue to learn and understand the nuances of the English language. The website hosts an extensive range of materials which spans various topics – ranging from grammar basics, sentence construction, vocabulary enhancement to intricate aspects like dissecting poetry and understanding the undercurrents of a novel.

A visit to this comprehensive site brings learning to your fingertips. Say goodbye to those sleepless nights spent grappling with an elusive concept or a challenging assignment. With Jiskha Homework Help, you can leverage a plethora of resources that will certainly give your English skills a significant boost. Rest assured, homework isn’t an ordeal anymore. It’s a chance to explore, learn, and grow.

Welcome to Jiskha Homework Help. Welcome to a new perspective on English homework. Magic happens when distress turns into relief, and learning is genuine fun!

A website open on a computer screen with the Jiskha Homework Help homepage displayed, indicating that it is a platform designed to assist students with their English homework.

Khan Academy

Khan Academy – A Front-runner In English Homework Resources

A renowned name in the education sector, Khan Academy has made waves with its extensive array of academic resources, English homework help being one of their much-acclaimed offerings.

Their English learning resources cover the gamut, from English grammar to punctuation, from literature to a lot more! Khan Academy is a haven for students grappling with varied English homework tasks. The platform facilitates an in-depth understanding of root concepts, building a sturdy foundation that keeps students in good stead in the long run.

Not all students learn the same way, and Khan Academy understands the distinguishing nuances. This is why they offer multimedia lessons, designed to cater to a multiplicity of learning styles. Whether a student learns best through videos, step-by-step problems, interactive practice, or text-based reading – Khan Academy has them covered. Thanks to this eclectic mix of resources, students not only grasp their homework tasks effectively but also gain the confidence to master them.

So whether you’re hunting for the rules of punctuation or the deeper analysis of an English classic, Khan Academy indeed emerges as a powerful tool to help students ace their English homework tasks. With a blend of interactive lessons and well-structured exercises, it can transform daunting English homework into a fun, engaging learning process.

An image of a laptop screen with the Khan Academy homepage on it


Scholastic – A Treasure Trove for English Learning

Imagine one place where a young learner can not only find assistance with their English homework but also engage in exciting games that compound their understanding of the language. Sounds like a paradise for education? Well, the good news is, this place exists, and it’s called Scholastic.

Founded with a vision to stimulate the minds of students ranging from kindergarten (K) up to the twelfth grade (12), Scholastic is an online repository of diverse educational resources. It’s not your conventional tutoring website. This learning platform uses a variety of approaches to cater to each student’s unique way of learning, ensuring that no child is left behind.

Is their English homework puzzling them? Scholastic offers homework assistance in a manner which makes them see it less as a chore and more as fun learning. Mastering the nuances and complexities of the English language is no longer a daunting task with Scholastic’s comprehensive study guides.

However, it doesn’t stop at homework help and study guides. To spice up the often drab side of learning, Scholastic hosts an assortment of learning games. These games are crafted so cleverly that students are mastering English skills without even realizing it. It’s like treating your taste buds to a delightful dessert, not knowing it’s secretly healthy for you.

Moreover, developing comprehensive reading and writing skills is a piece of cake with Scholastic’s extensive resources. Their diverse activities help students immerse themselves in the language and become confident in their English skills.

So, next time you’re lost in the labyrinth of English homework or simply want to polish your language skills, remember – the treasure trove of English learning is a click away with Scholastic.

A young student with a backpack looking at a computer screen with Scholastic website opened on it

Purdue Online Writing Lab (OWL)

Purdue Online Writing Lab: A Boon for Students

For most students, English homework can be a daunting prospect. Sentence structures, grammatical rules, punctuation, and citation styles often add fuel to their apprehension fire. But fear not, as Purdue’s Online Writing Lab (OWL) is here to extinguish these academic woes.

Don’t let the name mislead you – the Purdue OWL is a virtual space, accessible to everyone, anywhere, not just Purdue students. It is designed to offer you a plethora of intelligent resources for effectively tackling English homework assignments. Whether you’re drifting in the sea of adjectives and adverbs or lost in the dense forest of essays and research papers, Purdue OWL serves as your reliable academic compass.

One might ask, “What does this virtual academic haven offer?” The answer lies in its comprehensive consolidation of knowledge, such as grammar guidelines, punctuation rules, and tips for essay formatting. There’s also assistance on how to nail those pesky citation styles. For example, if you ever get tangled up between MLA, APA, or Chicago, Purdue OWL presents easy-to-follow instructions for each.

However, what truly stands out about the Purdue OWL is its mission to democratize education. The platform delivers comprehensive writing resources and instructional materials at no extra cost. That’s right, it’s all free. This commitment is ideal for students operating on tight budgets specifically and for promoting education generally.

So, the next time you find yourself in a whirlwind of English homework assignments, remember that the Purdue Online Writing Lab is only a click away, eager to help you navigate your academic journey. It’s a true academic lighthouse, illuminating the path to better English comprehension and skills.

The image shows a computer screen with the Purdue Online Writing Lab website open. It highlights features such as grammar guidelines, punctuation rules, citation style rules, and tips for essay formatting. The website has a user-friendly interface with easy-to-follow instructions and is free of cost, making it accessible to everyone.

Ultimate English Homework Assistance at

Summer days are for lazy beach setups, barbecue-flavored laughter, and long, intoxicating reads under wide-brimmed hats. But oh, the dread when English homework beckons. Suddenly, the cotton-candy clouds of tardy summer take the gloomy form of Shakespeare’s iambic pentameter or Orwell’s political prose. The sunsets are longer, yes, but so is the sigh before you open that English literature textbook.

That’s where steps in – turning the leaden complexities of English homework into golden nuggets of knowledge. The portal is an oasis of organized learning, laced with helpful literature study guides, lucid explanations of literary terms, and an endless series of sample essay topics to spark your imagination.

Imagine having your very own English teacher on the cloud – accessible anytime, anywhere. That’s what it feels like to navigate There’s an extensive library of educational videos to clarify concepts that might seem daunting at first. From breaking down Virginia Woolf’s ‘Stream of Consciousness’ to demystifying Chaucer’s Middle English, they leave no stone unturned.

Interactive quizzes add an extra layer of fun, allowing you to test your comprehension of the English lessons. The questions are versatile, the feedback instant, and your progress – measurable.

But perhaps the real gem of lies in its personalized approach. A team of online teachers readily waits in the wings to assist you with your English woes, even when you’re fazed by the most stubborn of grammar rules. They transform into more than a homework help website; it becomes an interactive learning community.

So summon and make your English homework a breezy summer story instead of a chilling winter tale. Because after all, English should be about making sense of the world around you, not wrestling with syntax and metaphors after the sun has set.

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While studying and accomplishing English homework tasks may present daunting challenges, the ten websites discussed offer extensive support in numerous subject areas. These online resources, ranging from Chegg’s literature guides to Grammarly’s proofreading tools, aim to simplify the learning process. Whether you’re grappling with understanding a classic text, improving your grammar, or in dire need of proofreading your work, these platforms stand ready to assist. The modern student has a world of help at their fingertips, ensuring that every English homework assignment becomes an opportunity for growth and improvement.

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