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(Download) 6 best Apps to prepare you for the TOEFL and IELTS (Android and iOS)

by hamza070

Discover a handpicked selection of 6 exceptional applications to enhance your IELTS and TOEFL preparation. Make the most of these resources as you embark on your journey. Ever wondered if you could effectively prepare for the TOEFL or IELTS exams using your smartphone? Wonder no more, because the answer is a resounding yes.



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The TOEFL and IELTS are widely recognized as two of the most reputable English proficiency tests. Passing these exams requires comprehensive knowledge and skills, posing a significant challenge. However, here’s the good news: numerous educational apps are available for both Android and iOS platforms, offering study materials and sample essays to help you master the English language and excel in your exams.

Here is a list of 6 perfect apps to prepare for IELTS and TOEFL .

  • Magoosh
  • IELTS Prep App
  • TOEFL® Test Pro
  • IELTS Test Pro
  • TOEFL English Vocabulary Cards
  • BBC Learning English

Magoosh: TOEFL Speaking & English Learning

This app is developed by a company that is widely known for its educational and training services. Designed to make your study easier and inspire you to prepare by taking small steps each day. The app starts with a short introductory video explaining what the TOEFL test is and how to plan your study program.

The app also shows you the format of this test and gives you access to a huge library of study materials.

Plus, it includes detailed instructions and tutorials on how to write introductions and other parts of an essay, along with reading and listening and speaking segments perfect for learning English .

Similarly, there is a whole category of tips on how to study for the TOEFL and even some advice on how you should behave.

Magoosh: TOEFL Speaking & English Learning is one of the educational apps that definitely deserves your attention. Try it now, you won’t be disappointed!

Download Magoosh APK for Android from Google Play Store
Download iOS App Store

IELTS Prep App (from the British Council)

This is one of the many educational apps developed by the British Council (TakeIELTS.org), very popular for IELTS preparation.

The app is a brilliant tool that has high-quality learning materials for all IELTS components: reading, listening, speaking and writing, whether in the form of practice tests, grammar exercises, quizzes, or in practice exercises. vocabulary, videos and tips.

It is available for both IOS and Android and is the perfect app to expand your vocabulary, practice grammar and understand what to do on exam day. You can test your knowledge by doing exercises, listening and speaking tests, and watching IELTS interview simulation videos.

If you want a place to get both theory and practice from a recognized institution, then the IELTS Prep App is for you!

Download IELTS Prep App for Android
Download IELTS Prep App for iPhone and iPad from Appstore

TOEFL® Test Pro

This app is a complete preparation service that has everything you may need for your TOEFL test. In it you can find flashcards and questionnaires with a time limit ideal for your training, since that way you will be able to feel the pressure that you will experience on the day of your test.

In addition, the app tracks and rates your level of preparation based on your strengths and weaknesses. And after each exam, it shows you the result that you could obtain in the TOEFL.

In the same way, it has more than three thousand sheets written by experts and a lot of articles and tutorials available to use offline.

This platform is perfect if you want to constantly monitor your learning and work on your weaknesses.

Download TOEFL Test Pro for Android Google Play Store

Download TOEFL Test Pro for iPhone and iPad iOS Appstore

IELTS Test Pro

IELTS Test Pro is a comprehensive IELTS preparation application , offering students unlimited access to their practice tests and sample answers for review and preparation. Features include over 3,000 questions created by experts, a progress tracker with detailed student readiness features, offline mode support, and a daily review calendar.

If you wanted an app similar to TOEFL® Test Pro, but specialized in IELTS, check it out!

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Download IELTS Test Pro for Android Google Play Store

Download IELTS Test Pro for iPhone and iPad iOS Appstore

TOEFL English Vocabulary Cards / Flashcards – TOEFL Vocabulary

TOEFL English Vocabulary Cards also known as Flashcards – TOEFL Vocabulary on iOS App Store. As the name suggests, this app includes a huge library of flashcards that will help you memorize vocabulary for the TOEFL exam.

This app is made for you to examine your skills and see your weak and strong points. The card themes are also constantly updated with the developers adding new ones every month. In addition, they are divided into sections according to the topic and the type of vocabulary you want to train. You can also search for a specific one or try a random mode.

TOEFL English Vocabulary Cards also rates your skills and changes your training program accordingly. In other words, it analyzes your results and makes you redo your mistakes before you know the correct answer.

Also, you can synchronize your account with several devices and all of them will know your learning history, your goals and your mistakes.

To learn English and train memory, TOEFL English Vocabulary Cards is a worthy selection for you. Try it!

Download TOEFL English Vocabulary Cards Apk From Android Google Play store

Download Flashcards – TOEFL Vocabulary iOS for iPhone and iPad Appstore

BBC Learning English

The BBC is the most reliable organization when it comes to England and the English, so you can’t pretend that this institution doesn’t have an app to learn English.

Available on Android and iOS devices, this application helps you with the organization of strategic practices and new daily lessons where you will acquire fresh knowledge and in line with the current reality. The programs are serialized and ordered so that they are easy to access and friendly to all users. Similarly, it has precise notifications that let you know several times a day when you need to continue learning, which gives you a boost in your IELTS preparation process.

BBC Learning English is the most useful application for those who want to support their English course with reinforcements and constant practice.

Download BBC Learning English for Android Google Play store

Download BBC Learning English for iPhone and iPad iOS App Store

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