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ESISMAD Project African Scholarship 2024 For Students From African Countries

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The ESISMAD Project African Scholarship 2024 presents a unique opportunity for students from African countries to advance their academic pursuits and contribute to cutting-edge research in specific fields. With a all-encompassing support package, including allowances and coverage for various expenses, this scholarship aims to foster a culture of excellence and innovation among scholars. The impact of this initiative extends beyond individual beneficiaries, promising to enrich the academic landscape and drive progress in key sectors. Explore how this scholarship is not just an opportunity for students but a catalyst for transformative change in the academic domain.

Benefits of ESISMAD African Scholarships

The ESISMAD African Scholarships offer a wide range of benefits aimed at supporting students from African countries in pursuing their academic aspirations. These benefits include coverage of round-trip flight tickets and visa costs, as well as participation costs such as tuition and registration fees.

Additionally, recipients receive insurance coverage for health, accident, and travel, along with a settling-in allowance. To assist with daily expenses, a monthly subsistence allowance is provided. These benefits are designed to alleviate financial burdens and allow scholars to focus on their studies and research.

Eligibility Criteria for Applicants

In order to be considered for the ESISMAD Project African Scholarship 2024, applicants from African countries must meet specific eligibility criteria. The scholarships are open to individuals from African countries and are available for specific fields under the ESISMAD project.

Administered by four African partner universities, the opportunities offered include postgraduate studies, research, teaching, or training. Various types of scholarships are available, including PhD Credit-seeking, Masters Credit-seeking, and Staff short-term visit scholarships.

It is crucial for applicants to verify they meet the eligibility requirements to be considered for this scholarship opportunity, which aims to support academic advancement and promote excellence in research and education among scholars from African nations.

Application Deadline and Process

To begin the discussion on the application deadline and process for the ESISMAD Project African Scholarship 2024, prospective applicants must adhere to the outlined timeline and submission guidelines. The deadline for applications is set for June 15, 2024.

It is essential that applicants meet the specified eligibility criteria and submit all necessary documents as part of the application process. Late applications will not be considered, highlighting the importance of timeliness.

Detailed information regarding the application process and requirements can be accessed through the provided link. By following these guidelines diligently, applicants can guarantee that their applications are considered for the ESISMAD Project African Scholarship 2024, which offers various opportunities for postgraduate studies, research, teaching, or training in specific fields under the project.

Additional Allowances for Female Scholars

Encouraging female participation in higher education, the ESISMAD Project African Scholarship 2024 offers additional allowances for female scholars to support their academic pursuits. Female master and doctoral scholarship holders are eligible for an extra allowance corresponding to one month's subsistence per academic term.

This initiative not only acknowledges the importance of gender equality in academic opportunities but also provides tangible support for female scholars pursuing advanced degrees. By offering these additional allowances, the scholarship program aims to empower and encourage more women to actively engage in higher education, contributing to the overall diversity and enrichment of academic environments.

This targeted support recognizes the unique challenges that female scholars may face and aims to create a more inclusive and supportive academic community.

Research Contribution and Support

Female scholars supported by the ESISMAD Project African Scholarship 2024 also benefit from significant research contributions and support aimed at enhancing their academic endeavors beyond regular studies. This support includes a contribution towards research costs for student mobility lasting 10 months or more, fostering research activities among scholarship recipients.

By promoting additional research, the scholarship aims to enhance the quality of research output, promote innovation, and aspire for academic excellence. This assistance not only aids in the development of the scholars' individual research projects but also contributes to the overall advancement of knowledge within their respective fields.

The ESISMAD Project's emphasis on research underscores its commitment to nurturing a culture of academic inquiry and growth among African scholars.


To sum up, the ESISMAD Project African Scholarship 2024 offers invaluable opportunities for students from African countries to pursue higher education and contribute to research and innovation.

The additional allowances for female scholars serve to empower women in academia, creating a diverse and inclusive academic environment.

This scholarship is a beacon of hope, shining light on the path to educational success like a guiding star in the night sky.

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